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This Is The Life: How To Establish Your Heart In The Grace Of God

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Many believers are frustrated, confused and defeated because they have learned erroneous things about God, themselves and the Christian life. This Is The Life! seeks to replace some of those faulty foundations with the truths of authentic, life transforming Christianity.

There are ten chapters in this book, as follows:

*Deficient or Sufficient? Do we need new experiences that endlessly come onto the market, or are we complete in Christ?

*Condition or Position? Is it what we do that determines who we are, or who we are that will determine what we do?

*Change or Exchange? Do we become righteous by changing our ways, or by exchanging our sin for God’s righteousness in Christ?

*Follow or Abide? Those who follow Jesus have only His example, but those who abide in Him have His life. Which are you living by?

*Law or Grace? Do we believe we will be blessed on the basis of what we do for God, or on the basis of what He has done for us in Christ?

*Positive Thinking or Correct Thinking? How do we win the battle for the mind? Is it by positive thinking, or by believing the truth?

*Self-esteem or Self-denial? Did Jesus command us to esteem ourselves, or deny ourselves?

*Flesh or Spirit? Every Christian is capable of manifesting two kinds of life – the works of the flesh or the fruit of the Spirit. How do we learn to walk in the Spirit?

*Same or Different? No two Christians are alike. Discover your new creation uniqueness as you identify your spiritual gift.

*Produce or Reproduce? Is the ultimate aim of discipleship to grow or to multiply?

This Is The Life! is all about establishing your heart upon the foundations of God’s grace. Grace is what makes Christianity unique. If we fail to make the grace connection we will end up with just another religion.

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