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Lessons From The Road: Understanding God's Ways Through Traffic Experiences

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Many people yearn to hear from God but aren’t willing to listen to Him, yet, we can’t hear God if we can’t listen to Him and we can’t listen to Him if we can’t hear Him.

This book is about the voice of God in the traffic. It tells stories from the road and relates them to what they teach in our spiritual journey.

It is written with the belief that it is from the daily common experiences that Jesus Himself drew lots of teachings. Just as it was then, so it is today—our surroundings are rich with insights into the spiritual matters.

This book amplifies what God has been speaking to us through the traffic and by so doing, ‘gives a second chance’ to those of us who might not have been listening or might not have heard Him in the traffic.

What constitute the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ are parables, miracles and sermons, etc. plotted in the familiar physical, social, religious and economic environments of the people He was addressing.

If Christ was to physically give sermons, perform miracles and tell parables in our contemporary world, He would most likely derive and plot quite a number of them in the context of our traffic environment. Short or long distance, we use the road more than ever before. This means that any teaching plotted in the traffic environment concerns virtually everyone.

Lessons From The Road is a book in its own class and style, trying to capture the ‘persistent’ ‘voice’ of God in the traffic. It takes a starting point from the traffic setting, illustrates and then builds from there to highlight how our daily traffic exposure is an opportunity to understand God’s ways.

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