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Erin's Four Masters

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Erin was tired of young, unsophisticated men. But she got more than she bargained for with Adam. Not only was he a good twenty years her senior, he also had highly sophisticated sexual tastes - and perversions. In short order she discovers herself being seduced into a scorchingly exciting master-slave relationship where she ceded all power to her new, older lover. The passion of submission was nearly overwhelming, but there was even more to her new life than she had thought, for Adam had three grown sons and Erin was soon to learn that she would be dominated and used by all three, separately or together. And not only did her soon to be husband approve but he helped instruct them in how to best train, dominate, and discipline her! Erin might have been tired of young men, but they were far from tired of her lush, beautiful body. And Erin was forced to submit to them all.

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