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Timeless Search: The Adventures Of Janr Ssor

385 pages6 hours


Timeless Search is destined to be a cult classic for those of you with unfettered imagination! It is a challenging Rubik's cube. One formed from the molten lava of esoteric thinking and annealed with the scientific speculation of today's best research, by master alchemist, author Janr Ssor. It is a journey through wonderland kicked off with the magical simplicity of Dorothy’s shoes, made of nothing more than Janr’s lucid dreams and some very hypnotic computer technology. After all, dreams are a doorway to another dimension, the D-Dimension. But before the adventure begins, the author treats us to a hint of what’s to come through a very different view of creation with all the Kabbalistic mysticism of Genesis and none of the love of God. A must read for those who want to dream outside the box!

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