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About 2012

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Have You wondered What will really occur on December 21, 2012?
Have You wondered Why the Mayan Calendar Stops on that Date?
Would You like to know what You can do Now to save All Life here on Mother Earth?

Share in the means and experiences that a practicing Medicine Man takes to solve these very questions that is described and illustrated in detail within this very book! Within the pages and chapters of this book, not only does White Eagle provide detailed descriptions of what he experienced and saw, he even includes photos so that you can examine them and make your own conclusions. Much is described and shown that explains not only Why the Mayan Calendar stops on that date, but Why we Now are in a very significant and critical moment here on Earth.
In the development of this material, White Eagle uses and not only describes but also explains in detail many different methods to reach out into both the physical and Spiritual realms to discover what is to come. Also included in this material is What we as human beings can and should do Now and in the Future as "God Intends" for us to be and do. As an unexpected result of His effort, White Eagle also discovers and helps us gain a more Real and complete understanding about Death as He does Life and Spirituality. Clearly this book is Of and For the Future of All of us.

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