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The Dead See

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'The Dead See’ is a conspiracy thriller unlike any other.

The story is based on discoveries made by the author while studying Theology, and a further 20 years of research. And whereas other novels in the genre deal with minor controversies surrounding details of first-century faiths, ‘The Dead See’ ventures far deeper into the origins of Judaism, Islam, and Christianity, and the conflict that still plagues the world today.

'The Dead See’ begins in New York on September 11, 2012, with a terrorist attack in an East River subway tunnel, vastly more devastating than anything the world has ever seen. The Manhattan subway system is flooded, crippling the city.

Bob Travis is a successful Risk Analyst leading a peaceful life in Cape Ann outside Boston. When Bob is hired to conduct a seemingly routine Risk Analysis on Fundamentalist Terrorism, Bob begins a dizzying descent ino the coils of corrupt religioplitical power. Inspired by curious clues in his murdered father-in-law’s effects, and the subsequent terrorist attack on New York, Bob hatches a plot to end terrorism by undermining all forms of religious Fundamentalism at their roots.

An enigmatic killer begins systematically torturing and murdering those with knowledge of Bob's dark secret. In the tragic events that follow, Bob is propelled to the far side of the world and the birthplace if civilisation. Here, in the ruins where the word 'god' was first whispered, Bob uncovers a 5000-year-old secret, and the greatest conspiracy in human history.

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