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A Light From Heaven. A Nativity Story

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In "A Light From Heaven", Moshe, a young Shepherd boy who watches a special flock of sheep outside Bethlehem, has no parents and is being raised by his Grandfather, Jethro. Even though Jethro has tried, the boy’s education in the Jewish Torah and Jewish life is lacking. Yet, Jethro has instilled his own belief in a Messiah to come, one to be born in their own watch tower.
Jethro sends the boy to town to buy flour for their meal. When Moshe gets there he is witness to the shunning of a man and his pregnant wife. Moshe buys the flour at an Inn. One his way back he is prodded by the innkeepers wife to help the man and his pregnant wife.
After Moshe leads them to the shepherds watch tower, and helps them settle into the shelter where the shepherds birth their lambs, he continues on back to his Grandfather. While on his way, Moshe realizes that the couple in the watch tower fit the prophecy his Grandfather had taught him concerning the coming of the Messiah.
But, when Moshe reaches his Grandfather and tells him the good news, Jethro does not believe that the Messiah is coming just then. Later that evening Jethro, Moshe, and the rest of the shepherds are visited by an angel who announces the coming of the Messiah.

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