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Dark Fate: Book 2 in the Protectors Saga

228 pages2 hours


Dark Fate, book 2 in the Protectors Saga continues where The Protectors left off, with Avery and Jade on their way to secure the Fairies aid in battling the Emperor. Complicating matters is the undeniable, but forbidden attraction Jade feels towards the Fairy Prince Eryk, forcing Avery to not only contend with her growing responsibilities as leader, but also the strain of trying to keep her best friend and second in command from doing something that could place all of Orcatia at risk. With her own feelings deepening for the irresistible, but difficult King Draven, Avery must find a way to push aside her ever confusing emotions so that she can lead her fellow Protectors into the most dangerous battle they have yet to enter...the battle of Blackmore.

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