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It's Time for the Roman Catholic Church to Show the World What Penitence is

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I thought I had heard the worst of it, but then a Roman Catholic bishop in Canada just went to prison for child pornography. In this article, I point out that most clergy live exemplary lives, but I also point out that the church has protected thousands of child molesters and overlooked the terrible harm these priests have caused.

I suggest that the Roman Catholic Church become a world-wide model of penitence. The hierarchy of this church can take three steps: 1) an examination of conscience, 2) reform based on this examination of conscience, and 3) develop a doctrine of skepticism toward our relationships with God. If the Roman Catholic administrators do not want to do this, then I hope that people throughout the world do internet-based surveys of survivors of priest abuse. If the administrators won't do what needs to be done, then maybe other people who hold values of justice and care will.

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