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The Flying Castle Stories, 7, 8 and 9

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Outline of the stories:

Grandma and the Flying Castle;
The question that lies behind this story is where would anyone go if they were really given the chance? Perhaps we don’t always know what we want. The trouble is not even Grandma Molly knows where she really wants to go, but the flying castle knows. I don’t think anyone expected it to include a giant squid.

The Holly Twig;
Seeing the one man band playing in the town centre wearing a top hat with a lid that flips up while he is singing brought this story to life. The idea of bringing fantastic winds into the story came in 2007 when I read about a champion paraglider who was sucked 32,600 feet into the air and came down safely! Her name is Ewa Wisnierska.

The Three Cockerels;
A glorious weathervane stands at the top of the spire of St Mary’s church in the form of a golden cockerel with an enormous fan tail. Up there he is the king of all he surveys. A mysterious cockerel makes an appearance. The story takes a few amazing twists to the delight of Marigold who is trying to do her homework!

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