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Vertical Stripes Can Kill You: An Alexa Robb Super Sized is Beautiful Mystery

222 pages5 hours


In VERTICAL STRIPES CAN KILL YOU, a cozy mystery, Alexa Robb, top dress designer, peers across the hall from the ladies’ room at Super-Sized is Beautiful Florida Fashions and overhears a conversation about industrial espionage. She creeps closer and views a murder taking place in her fitting room. After the unknown killer sees her, she’s just a loose end for him to tie.

She’s shaking in her couture boots, sure she’ll be the next victim. To elude the killer, she tries a wig and sunglasses, but everyone recognizes her. She does the only thing she can think of---find him first.

She dresses as her non-existent twin brother, Alex, so the murderer can’t identify her. Meanwhile, she must convince the detective in charge of the case she knows what she’s talking about, fend off advances from the most surprising people, stay away from the company gossip, and work things out with her dachshund who growls and snaps at her when she’s dressed as a man. If she doesn’t watch out, the next dead body could be hers.

Includes Alexa's prize-winning Italian Vegetarian Tomato Sauce and links to sample chapters of other mysteries you might like.

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