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The Flying Castle Stories, 4, 5 and 6

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Outline of the stories:

Sarah’s Pumpkin;
This story was inspired on seeing a large pumpkin in a shop window during Halloween in the small street round the corner from the town hall. This is the first appearance of Dan Roberts. Legend has it that he haunts the town hall as a benevolent ghost who likes to help out where he can.

Blackie and Tottie;
The idea of this story came on hearing of a friend who tried to save a black bird in much the same way as in the story.

There are many secrets hidden away round the town hall, as Robin Aide, a central character in The Time Chase, begins to discover. One of the secrets is Dan Roberts, the former custodian of the town hall for the Duke of Norfolk. The large weeping ash tree under which Robin rests is just round the corner from the hall.

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