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More Confessions of a Bookseller

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The bookselling world seems to be treating Sally Myers well in the city of Baltimore. Much to her and all of those close to her surprise, Sally has been promoted to a Department Manager at Broken Spines. The promotion may be a welcomed distraction for Sally, whose boyfriend, ex-UPS Hottie now Math Teacher Hottie, Colin Fenton, doesn’t have as much time for Sally as she would like. Between, tutoring, mentoring and coaching, his time is valuable. Colin has also succumbed to the will of her grandfather and taken a project involving the Henry Allen Myers Foundation. An opportunity that has Colin on the email contacts lists of dotcom millionaires, Secretary of Education, mayors and governors and the wife of the richest man in the world. She can’t help but wonder if he will still be interested in a Harry Potter obsessed, pop culture princess like herself.
Sally is also feeling a little lonely because her best friend Denisha and her baseball player boyfriend Raphael or “Ranisha” as Sally calls them, seem to be getting more and more serious. Also, her parents Sal and Carolyn, who have also reconnected after twenty something years, seem to be playing some love dance like two high school kids and driving her nothing but crazy.
Sally is trying not to feel sorry for herself and the neglect she is feeling, but when the new management trainee from London, UK, arrives at the store, she can’t help but feel a bit of the attraction to the Brit Bad Boy for his intensity reminds her of the man she was with just last year- her MOMD (Man of My Dreams) Matthew.
Sally tries to keep herself busy with work, Harry Potter, and The Sims. It isn’t working that well for her thoughts creep back to Matthew continually, especially when Colin “blows her off” for foundation conference calls and team-building sessions. When Sally has an especially bad day, she goes to get her favorite medicine in the world coffee, so what a surprise when she runs into Matthew, who seems more than ever interested in her. How will Sally react to all this attention Matthew shows her when Colin is too busy?
Once again visit the ever so quirky world of Broken Spines with Sally, Colin, Denisha Raphael, Les and Dani and how they are faring in the world of bookselling in the flagship store The Industrial Plant.

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