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A Different Perspective on Disability Equality a Practical Handbook

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Many of you have told us that applying the theory to daily practice is a major challenge. Many organisations, over the years have tried to implement the theory of disability equality. This book aims to make further change practical and possible.

At the heart of new legislation is an imperative to understand the distinctive nature of disabled people’s oppression, with disability equality providing important information to those faced with the job of addressing inequality within our services.

This book presents clear ideas and simple steps that will help you ensure that disabled children, adolescents and adult clients are fully respected and included in the life of your organisation.
This book will help you:
· to gain a greater understanding of the character of disabilism. To be able to better identify the issues facing disabled people as a protected group.
· to re-evaluate your ideas, practice, provision and participation. To go further and drive forward the empowerment and ethical commitment that meets everyone’s needs.
· to deepen your understanding.By broadening your insight into dealing with the discrimination disabled children and adults face, you’ll discover more creative ways to tackle it.
· and embrace change. Development is not only essential, it’s an exciting challenge, and with new knowledge comes enlightenment - the power to make change happen.

"Your handbooks allow equality issues to be real and current which is what people need when they are being trained in something so complex." Carrie James, Case Manager for Health Transition, Walsall Children's Disabilities and Long Term Condition Services Child Development Centre.

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