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The Adventures of Macho Caballo

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In this book, the first of the Adventures of Macho Caballo, we find how Ramon Caballo got his nickname 'Macho', and how he inadvertently set out to become an unknown legend in that land. Just remember his advice: "Don't smart off to the spirits in the Spirit Cave!"

The Aztecs were falling, taken down by impudent outsiders, upstart subject tribes and disease. A thousand years of civilization, knowledge and magic were lost. Then a sorcerer, a rogue from Mesopotamia, devised a scheme in which he would preserve all the magic of his fellows and condense that lore into a single token, which he gave to an innocent tribal girl, who would pass the token along to her first-born child, which would always be a girl. When the disaster had passed, the sorcerer would find the girl's descendant and token so he could resume his quest for power. While his compatriot sorcerers died in the fighting, the sorcerer went into deep sleep in the bottom of a cave.

Centuries passed and the disaster continued, until one year the nation overthrew its oppressors. The echoes of that revolution woke the sorcerer and his minions, and they set out to locate the girl who must have the precious treasure. What they found was something else entirely. Or was it?

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