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Foreign Exchange Trading: The Golden Rules

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I will try to include in it all the details of trade process, even the tiniest ones, which are often omitted but which are crucial for gaining stable and long-term profit month by month and day by day. The book shows the particularities which are absolutely ignored by those who are not practicing traders and very often even by those who have been practicing for quite a long time but keep sticking to wrong trading principles or have simply missed out these vitally important details. I want to tell you in the first place that everyone can learn to earn with the help of trading. This process resembles a process of learning to drive a car or rather a motorcycle. Every normal person can learn to do it.
If you start learning to drive a motorcycle at a very high speed, not wearing a helmet or a protective jacket, you have rather small chances to complete your learning process successfully. But you can start learning very carefully, at a low speed (that is to start trading with a small round lot) or rather use a computer simulator at first (a special trading tester). Then, despite the procedure being rather risky for the nonpros, you will quietly and steadily increase your speed of earning money in the foreign exchange market. The desire to earn quickly not only leads to frequent losses but it also breeds in trader a lot of vicious habits in the very beginning of their career.
So, ladies and gentlemen, we start our trip to the real world of financial markets. It is a high-speed world where, according to the statistics, about 90% of beginners fail because of their neglecting very simple rules. When learning to drive a motorcycle the similar rules would include fastening the seat belts or putting on protective helmets. And sometimes we just overspeed and that leads to the loss of control over the situation and the loss of a capital.

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