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Melvin the Dry Cleaning Zombie and Vampire Shoe Warehouse

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Melvin, the Dry Cleaning Zombie
Ever since Melvin could remember, he’s had a crush on dry cleaning customer, Simone. If only Simone would be his girl, or at the very least, let Melvin eat the gooey matter inside her cranium.

Simone is fed up with her egotistical boyfriend. If only she could find a nice guy who doesn’t want to feast on her brains.

Vampire Shoe Warehouse
Bethany’s tired of her dead-end job as a manager at a shoe store, but she can’t quit or else her evil boss will expose her secret. If other vampires found out about her abnormality, it could mean certain death.

Henry is a failure who dropped out of wizarding school, but that doesn’t stop him from pining over Bethany. Can the world’s worst wizard use his magic to save the girl of his dreams? Will Henry’s love for Bethany be enough to keep her from feasting on his jugular?

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