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The Christian Aspie: Notes from the Blog

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“I started writing this because God laid it on my heart some time ago to share my world with you. See, I have Asperger's Syndrome (it is on the autism spectrum). I am also a Christian. Many people don't see how these two things can exist within the same person. I know, however, that they can. I know other Christians with Asperger's and I know what is in my heart.
So this will be a journey, my journey, as I grow as a Christian and navigate this confusing, noisy, cluttered world as an adult with Asperger's Syndrome (we call ourselves Aspies - it's OK, it's politically correct).”

These words, written on September 21, 2010, began the first post on The Christian Aspie blog. Penned by Stephanie Mayberry, the subsequent 78 posts chronicled her walk with Christ and her struggles with Asperger’s.

This book captures those posts, the days she felt empowered and encouraged as well as the days she felt inept and “dis” abled. In addition to the full blog posts, the author has included notes that provide insight into details that may have been omitted as well as additional thoughts and considerations.

See the world through the eyes of a Christian Aspie and gain a better understanding of that world while seeing a powerful testimony unfold before your very eyes.

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