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Jesus The Vampire Slayer

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Evangelical Christians get a clue! Jesus defeating Satan was easy, but Vampires are way trickier. That’s because they go back 2,000 years before Christ. Now their diabolical tactics are exposed in this newly released ebook.

Curious how Vampires tampered with Christianity? Simple. Early scribes twisted the story. How? By muting personal transformation in this life with focus on the afterlife and the return of Jesus flying back on a horse. Chapters include:

Chapter 3 – Vampires in Israel

Chapter 4 – Vampires in Rome

Chapter 5 – Vampires and the Soul

Chapter 6 – By what process did The Word become flesh?

Chapter 7 – Vampires versus The Devil

Chapter 9 – Alpha Vampire

Chapter 10 – Vampires and The Secret

Chapter 11 – Dorothy the Vampire Slayer

Chapter 12 – Recent Vampire Sightings

Many years in the making, this ebook investigates evangelical Christianity at its roots. Millions of Americans await the return of Jesus and watch world events unfold as if by prophetic destiny. But wait! What if the unseen hands directing events for thousands of years were actually Vampires? This quick read will open your eyes (blinded until now) and then change you – for the better! Readers with a soul will laugh out loud and want their friends to be in the know.

The only risk is that if you don’t read it, Vampires will stay in power behind the scenes with their "wars and rumors of wars." Only YOU can stop Vampires, today, once and for all.

AUTHOR NOTE: Previous exposure to basic Christian themes helpful. All reviews appreciated.

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