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Arthur Weil has written a wonderful collection of short aphorisms and sayings. They are easy-to-read comments and idioms on life that cheer a person up and that anybody can relate to. Arthur has a wonderful gift for seeing through ordinary life into the soul. His verses and sayings are amusing, clever and
poignant, and make one smile and reflect on the most important aspects of everyday life.

This is Arthur's eighteenth book. His previous books include Wacky and Wonderful, Wireless Words; Not Shakespeare, Just Me; Life, Love, and Gems that Shine; Exploding Mind or (Not Over the Hill Yet); Poetry is for Sissies; Reflections of the Moment; The Fluid Word; Slice of Life; Theater of Thoughts; Liquid Words; Love Always, Words to Fly With, Dare-Devilish and Divine and Eat My Words.

Arthur Weil received a BA from Roosevelt University, a MA from De Paul University (Chicago), and completed PhD coursework at UC Berkeley. He taught German and History in public schools for twenty-five years in the East Bay of Northern California. Arthur is also a successful real estate entrepreneur.
“Arthur Weil’s nimble mind expresses itself in his discussion-like poetry which ranges widely from a lifetime of human experience, his loves, anxieties, hopefulness, forbearance, questioning, resolution and thankfulness. Happiness and joy abound.”

“Reading Arthur Weil's “shorties” makes one smile, chuckle and ponder everyday situations and relationships. He has an astute ability to see irony and humor in the simplest of daily events, and put them down on paper in witty, wise and often rhyming words. I greatly recommend reading a few pages at a time of this collection of aphorisms and sayings; you will return repeatedly for more!”

“Arthur Weil’s poetry illuminates all the possibilities of life, beautifully, in words that take one by surprise. His insights and revelations give one a profound realization that life is an incredibly rich experience to be savored each day, and that only the examined life is worth living.”

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