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Fairest One of All

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Ever since the king was murdered in an ambush by hoodlums from the Fearsome Thornhills, Queen Anne had ruled over the Land of Enchantment. Her kind acts and thoughtful decisions created a peaceful kingdom with inhabitants who lived happily together. However, Darkblood, an evil entity who wants to control the kingdom with fear, is lurking within the castle shadows. When Queen Anne's son, Prince Beloved, begins a search for female companionship Darkblood discovers this is a means to get closer to achieving his goal.

Rose, a teenager from Florida and a straight-A student with little use for make-believe in her daily life has her life turned inside-out and upside-down when she mysteriously ends up in the Land of Enchantment. Shadowfolk, snagglers, cesspit rats and talking bookworms are just a few of the unusual inhabitants she encounters while there. In a deal she strikes with Blazebreath, the prince's bodyguard, she agrees to help the prince find a female companion in exchange for help in finding her way back home.

Rose plans a contest, Fairest One of All, to select a worthy companion for the prince. Eligible maidens compete against one another in mini-challenges and the losers are eliminated from the contest until three are left. Rose intends for the prince to select a companion from the three remaining maidens. Cunning and treacherous Darkblood interferes with the contest when he uses a contestant to get closer to Queen Anne and the key to the kingdom.

When Darkblood makes his move Rose must rescue the kingdom from destruction while risking her only chance of finding her way home. Will Rose succeed in saving the Land of Enchantment? Does Prince Beloved ever find true love so Rose can find her way back home?

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