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Books set in the world of motor racing offer suffer from one problem: written by people who have a deep understanding of the sport, they just become too technical for most readers. This one avoids that pitfall because it's written from the perspective of a team sponsor, one who freely admits he doesn't know much about motor racing.
It takes the story from the initial approach to the sponsor, Walter Sanderson, asking for money, through the preparation and on to the race itself, taking place at a fictional circuit on America's West Coast. That element of the story is exciting, but it is intertwined with Sanderson's recollections of his personal and business life. Some parallels are drawn between his business and that of motor racing which might be a little surprising but which could make the reader look at sports sponsorship in a new light.
If names like Ferrari, Corvette, Porsche and Lamborghini get you interested you'll love the book; if they leave you cold you'll still enjoy it as a lightly written romp through an episode in Walter Sanderson's unusual, sometimes glamorous, sometimes turbulent life.

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