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The Whitechapel Vampire

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If William Shakespeare was alive today he would be writing vampire fiction. But he isn’t, so Alex O’Connell saw the gap in the market and jumped in without thinking...

A serial killer is at large on the squalid streets of Victorian London. He strikes only at night, causing horrendous mutilation to his victims’ throats and leaves them drained of blood before disappearing into the shadows. There can be only one logical hypothesis – a predatory vampire is marking his territory (surprisingly there remain one or two academics who are not yet fully persuaded by this theory).

Dare you join legendary Scotland Yard detective Frederick Abberline and his friend the Irish novelist Bram Stoker, abetted by the World Heavyweight Champion John L Sullivan as they hunt the diabolical fiend defecated from the very bowels of Hell, a monster known through the ages as... Jack the Ripper?

The Whitechapel Vampire features interludes from genuine contemporary newspaper reports to put the story in its proper historical context, as well as extensive appendices. What’s not to love? ...And it’s cheap too.

‘O’Connell’s my kinda guy. I’d fix him a Daiquiri and take him marlin fishing. I could listen to those vampire stories of his for hours... well until about 9ish. After that I get a bit tired.’ Ernest Hemingway.

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