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Richard Blaine

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The 1930’s – Spain is in civil war! America’s head is in the sand while Germany and Italy try to rule the world.
A war-torn world sends Richard Blaine from the tough streets of New York’s Bowery, to the bloody battlefields of Spain. Only fate catapults him through Ethiopia, Algeria and finally Morocco as Rick, of the famous Rick’s Café Americain – in Casablanca.
Follow him through harrowing adventures as the street-smart accountant who knows the score. Feel heartbreak at the loss of his city slick brother to the mean streets of Brooklyn. And what becomes of his father as they sail the high seas bound for Europe?
Richard Blaine – the most reliable comptroller to the filthy rich and villainous of America’s East Coast, but later the most feared tank commander in all of Portugal and Spain.
Who is the mysterious Smythe – the only person Blaine relies on to help map his way through hostile elements in his own country... by circumventing the law itself?
Meet Sam, a man famous in his own right, who befriends and watches over Blaine like a guardian angel all across northern Africa.
Just before the outbreak of World War II, find out what propels a man from his home in America only to settle as owner/operator of the most popular casino in Morocco.
Richard Blaine is a need to read for fans of all ages, and for all generations to come.
When history threatens to repeats itself, the book Richard Blaine is sure to remind anyone everywhere that liberty and freedom are for everyone!
“No matter what political forum it became enshrouded... any other cloak ... could not hide it if people saw it for themselves – saw it for what it was. ... Liberty stood alone for anyone to enjoy if they were willing to work at it, and work for it.” Excerpt from Richard Blaine

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