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Sparrow Swift Is Born (international intrigue)

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Modern Pulp fiction of international intrigue.
Swiftees are Wallaceonian eXpat ePulps.'s exciting, well-written page-turner of a novel is not only a sit-on-the-edge-of-your seat read, but there is enough trade craft discussed for a PhD in Special Ops practices (along with plenty of Perpetual Traveler lore to further educate the members of this IM forum.)
* Count Zero * Patriarchal Traveler (PT) of the International Man (IM) forum

Our hero is a successful entrepreneur in a vulnerable position in a dangerous world. He suspects a trap may have been set to destroy him. First, he tries a test to be sure.

If correct, he must escape his betrayers, avoid pursuers, and find a way to build a new life. He will become Sparrow Swift, a modern hero setting out to right the wrongs in a twisted little world: your world.

Ten Sparrow Swift adventures were written in two, five eXpat ePulp series. More may come later.

Sparrow Swift is fiction: people, places, times, and events. It's a coincidence these adventures seem familiar and you want to act now while you still have time.

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