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Zoey Ryce never imagined she would encounter a serial rapist in a safe town in central Mississippi. She had escaped or outwitted all such encounters in New Orleans, her hometown. She dreamed of falling in love but not with a Christian who refuses to compromise his convictions for the love of an atheist. Logic fails her at the most crucial moment and leaves her…entrapped.

When Evelyn Nichols has to change her spending habits of the past fifty years she is thrown into a panic with physical manifestations. Evelyn finds herself…entrapped.

A serial rapist customizes his van for his prowls about town looking for unsuspecting victims. He longs for love, but resorts to - a few minutes in the back of his van. His unmet passion leaves him…entrapped.

Dr. Dub Sachzman struggles with whether to follow God's calling or marry a woman who captivates his heart, mind, and if he’s not careful, his soul. Between wisdom and the heart, Dub is…entrapped.
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