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Behold a masterpiece of Bible drama. This author's best work regarding salvation, filled with ancient scripture, and excitement.
Read therefore drama like this: Jesus then turned to Nicodemus and declared that the souls of all children of light are like a glass decanter that God's breath creates and stressed that both glass decanters and earthenware jugs are made by means of fire. But if a glass decanter breaks, He said it can easily be repaired in the fire, for it came into being through a breath. If an earthenware jug breaks, however, He told him that it's always destroyed; For it came into being without any breath.

Then Jesus added that every son of darkness was like the jug made of clay. Moreover, He then emphasized that any enlightened man still remains somewhat sinful though, because of the weakness of his flesh, even after God's breath brings him life anew. For the Spirit of God is mighty within any believer but the flesh of Man is incredibly weak. But He then added though, that the enlightened man continually repents, becomes constantly forgiven, and is ultimately saved evermore; However, the lost carnal soul is eternally lost; for he walks naturally in the natural realm without the supernatural breath of God, whereas the child of light supernaturally walks in the natural realm, being filled with the Breath of God. Note: this is one of the most powerful documents on salvation ever written....if author personally and no questions asked he will refund cost.
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