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Lin Tse-hsu (30 August 1785 C 22 November 1850), style name -- Yuanfu (Yuan-fu), was a Chinese scholar and official in the Qing Dynasty. He was most recognized for his conduct and constant position on the "moral high ground" in his fight, as a "shepherd" of his people, against the opium trade in Guangzhou. Although the non-medicinal consumption of opium was banned by the Yongzheng Emperor in 1729. By the 1830s, China's economy and society were being seriously affected by huge imports of opium from British and other foreign traders based in the city. Lin's forceful opposition to the trade on moral and social grounds was considered to be the primary catalyst for the First Opium War of 1839C42. Because of this firm stance, he had subsequently been considered as a role model for moral governance, revered by Chinese people.

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