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Each day a friendship is made. We have the choice what kind of friendship that is going to be. The friendship to be cherished above all friendships o yes even, greater still than family, friends, the friendship of the Master Jesus Christ Himself. What greater gift than this the one who; made it all laying down His life but even still we seem to grumble and complain. How can this be when there is a hand reaching out calling asking for a friendship! Still we continue on seemingly without a care just watching hoping for better. Why? I often wonder when all around us is evidence of better still. We seem to say evidence of what? My mind cannot understand. We are promised no limits. We look at this in unbelief and say no limits. How, how, can this be. But all the while still pleading, almost begging as you will, crying out is the never ending. Who is it? What is it? Can this be for real? Have I gone crazy? No my mind must be playing tricks on me. No this is for real. We have the power to choose. Stop we say, I can't take it. I must be going crazy. Then we question is this for real? Could this be real? Do I even have the power to choose? Every day a friendship is made unique one of a kind but known is more special than the gift given from God a relationship with Him. To have, to hold, to cherish, the beauty of a friendship.
Published: Xlibris on
ISBN: 9781493156238
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