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Does God still speak today?
If so, how can I hear Him?

THE ANSWER TO BOTH QUESTIONS IS YES. God is always speaking. He has many ways to speak to His children. In Prophetic Gatekeepers we will learn the many avenues by which God speaks with His children.

Prophetic Gatekeepers is a catalyst to traveling to unknown places with God in the Spirit on our knees. It prepares our heart and mind to commune with God as He unlocks the doors of Heaven secrets and releases Kingdom blessing.

What you will discover in Prophetic Gatekeepers:
• Learn God’s language of communicating.
• What is an audible voice? Is there a secret to hearing the voice of God?
• Discover how to decree and declare Kingdom principles for your destiny and others.
• Learn how to effectively guard your post as a gatekeeper.
• Learn how God uses different ways to get your attention: vision, dream and nudging.

- Dr. Veronica Crim -
Gathering of the Nations International Ministries
“This is a powerful book that will inspire intercessors and
believers alike to reposition themselves in prayer to truly
hear the heart of God.”
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