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Memoirs from India is an incredibly honest and upfront description of my personal experiences at the Ashram ofSri Satya Sai Baba, Avatar of India. It begins with the first notion of how we were guided to leave Sedona Arizona toembark on an incredible three month pilgrimage to the land of India as we were ushered into the presence of Sai Baba.Each chapter was written as it happened and was experienced without editing, additions or subtractions. Thislive journal method gives the reader the moment by moment of each experience as it happened to me and what came about inside of me. At first,my reading audience was my beloved Soul Song Family, but as the years have passed, I have realized a greater need to share my story with all, all spiritual seekers, all of you who may have heard of Sai Baba and all of you who may be guided to begin your own pilgrimage to vast and enchanted land of India. It was an incredible adventure into the questioning of my own spirituality and an honest pursuing of the Truth that was uncovered. I offer you this true life adventure with gratitude that you may find some inspiration of truth for yourself as well. Many blessings. Om Sai Ram
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