The Wreck Lagoon
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Ben and Milly Dixon are being stalked by Kate Brown in their small town of Monaldo in south-east Queensland, Australia. Kate had been a girlfriend of Ben's from childhood and expected marriage, but Ben opting for life as a journalist in Brisbane, met and married Milly, a fellow reporter. They and their three children moved to Monaldo to take over Ben's family cattle property. Kate moves there to, following them. She's an aggressive lesbian who fancies Milly and wants revenge on Ben for his perceived betrayal. She stalks them unrelentingly, even trying to kill their son in what was deemed a road accident. Kate is now insane. The Dixons receive respite when Milly's industrialist father dies and the family moves to a big mansion in Melbourne to sort out Milly's large inheritance. Milly is quickly celebrated for her beauty and wealth in Melbourne society and rapidly moves away from Ben, leaving him to the work on the inheritance. She becomes so carried away by the attention that she treats Ben as a servant and he soon rebels, leaving her and threatening divorce. Milly, suddenly aware, chases him to the airport and physically prevents him from boarding his plane, apologizing and surrendering total control to him. Ben takes tough measures to bring her back to earth and they separate again but Milly eventually seeks reconciliation, works on the estate and they are able to return home to Monaldo, where Kate awaits. Shortly after their return their youngest child Mim,6, is missing from her bed and there are bloodstains. The police mount a search and investigate but give up quickly, believing Mim is dead Ben is sure Kate has Mim at a place called the Wreck Lagoon, a beauty spot in the mountains on the edge of their property. He takes his horse, a rifle and an old pistol determined to recover his little girl.....
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ISBN: 9781483516875
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