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Tales of Indifference: An Anthology of Sultry, Secretive, and Simplistic Short Stories is unlike other short stories because it uncovers a full revelation of characters such as Chris. This man made a black tee something that any woman would crave simply by looking at his rippled body. He had a flawless six pack, toned thighs, biceps and triceps to make anyone want to hold onto for dear life. So, why is it this substance ‘blood’ appears and he not only is stunned but his life becomes turned upside down? Another desirable yet interesting character which readers will begin to either relate to, truly adore, or long to dislike is Cassi. To the outside world, she is successful, happy, and all together. But what happens when she enters her vehicle would surprise most. Then, we have three friends, Darrell, Horton, and Clifton. From youth to collegiate days, they have shown others the value in sincerity. But a simple, unexpected arrival at the door changes their lives forever. Within these pages, every story causes one to seek to befriend, challenge to change, or rival in the thought that the outcome is simply unique enough to want more. Thus, the underlying truth is love; tragedy, friendships, divorce, turmoil, happiness, mental illnesses, and physical challenges are mere factions of what you will encounter as you travel through this rich and dynamic book. The desired goal for anyone reading is to yearn to see these characters become more visible and open up your thought processes to their humanistic appeal.
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