A charming collection of fictional stories based on local folklore of the Obey River Valley, Clay County, TN. The names of all the locations are historically correct, as are the overviews of the local history surrounding the area but by and large, the main characters are fiction. If you are a historian or a genealogist, don’t look here unless you are bored on a rainy day!

I hope these stories go to your heart. I hope they inspire us all to live life to its fullest. Reach out! A simple smile can save a life. After all, we’re all going to be under the old cherry one of these days, and I hope we have plenty to remember. Thanks…D.

About the Author: Darren Shell was born in the state of Indiana, and his family moved to Tennessee to run their recently purchased marina at Willow Grove in 1982. Since that time, his love of history and love of the lake have resulted in this compilation of local stories of folklore that have been told through the years. Darren resides at Willow Grove Marina with his wife and daughter, near his family and friends that share his love of this wonderful body of water called Dale Hollow Reservoir. He is the author of a number of stories regarding the lake and the up-rooted town of Willow Grove. His stories and lectures about the moving of the graves of Dale Hollow have given him the title of ‘gravedigger’ on the lake and in surrounding communities. Most days, he can be found at the marina…if he’s not out digging.
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