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‘Zahara’s Days Out’
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Zahara is a young girl who similar to other children enjoys going out, visiting people and seeing new things. There are times when Zahara has fun and times when Zahara has to learn new and difficult things. But one thing for sure is that Zahara’s day to day experiences are full of new and exciting adventures.
The stories illustrate Zahara’s thoughts and feelings, her fears and her excitement depending on what she is about to experience. Any child reader or listener will be able to relate to Zahara and learn new and different ways of how to behave, act or respond to different situations.
The stories highlight the importance of family relations, respect and love for parents/adults, and the significance of children possessing certain characteristics such as having patience, good listening skills and the ability to adapt. In essence the stories display the concept of cause and effect in the form of behaviour/action and reward.
The transliteration element of the stories is a means of guiding both a bilingual child and a non-native Urdu speaking child into the world learning to speak Urdu with eloquence, confidence and meaning. These simple yet illustrative stories include a variety of language features such as, adjectives, verbs, imagery, emotions and nouns. Each story introduces language focused on a certain theme with the objective to develop topic specific vocabulary, whilst allowing the child to become more familiar with the Urdu grammatical structure.
Ultimately the stories have been written for children in order to educate and entertain them in an innovative way. The simple yet detailed vocabulary is supported by very modest and natural illustrations that endeavour to engage a young reader in an imaginative yet practical way.
Find out:
? What treat Zahara gets at the park...
? What fear Zahara overcomes at the dentist...
? What reward Zahara receives at the zoo
? What obstacles Zahara has to face on the way to her Grandma’s...
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‘Zahara’s Days Out’

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