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The Magic Ice Cream

146 pages1 hour


This book is about a lovely old man called Mr Hawkins who lived in a small village called Blossomhill. One very hot day all the people of the village wished that they could have some ice-cream. However they all had to travel to the next village, about ten miles away. A cross old man called Mr Poke owned the ice-cream shop there. He made everyone wait and wait in the hot sun before serving them any expensive ice-cream to cool them down. One day Mr Hawkins found his granny’s old recipe for making ice-cream and decided to try it himself. He didn’t realize it had magic powers, if anything was added, or taken away from the recipe. Join the fun as strange things happen, and old Mr Pokey Nose (as the kids call him) tried to steal the secret recipe. There are also lots of drawings in for you to colour.

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