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The Final Harvest of Judah Woodbine
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Forced into retirement, Judah Woodbine feels useless while his wife still goes to work. He had to quit his job due to a bum leg, leaving him with household chores to fill his days while Rose thrives in her career. One day, however, Rose comes home early, and Judah accidentally kills the woman he loves. Her unexpected death opens the door to memories Judah thought he’d lost.

To escape present trauma, his mind travels back in time to a childhood marked by illness and a sense of abandonment. A victim of polio, Judah is removed from his family and community for two years to receive proper treatment. When he returns, he is a changed boy, and his mother hides from him due to her own guilt. His home life is never the same. He eventually leaves home to seek peace. He educates himself and builds a career and family. But divorce follows, and then tragedy strikes when a drunk driver injures his son. Judah’s life again centers on a hospital—where he meets Rose, who will help him find his path to redemption.

In order to move forward, Judah must learn to accept life is tainted by tragedy, but enriched with joy, love, and hope.

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