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If you’ve heard and believed that God predestinated some to eternal life and hardened Pharaoh’s heart, you’ve been misled! Biblical predestination doctrine is the opposite of theological writings on the subject. After studying this book, you will no longer accept Augustinian-Lutheran-Calvinist theology passing for doctrine.

Predestination – The Pharaoh Account of Grace, is a biblical treatment of predestination doctrine. Part One refutes the theological arguments as un-Scriptural and opens up understanding of predestination doctrine with detailed explanation of the call, justification, and glorification available to man. It avoids the pitfall of equating God’s foreknowledge with omniscience and the consequent conclusion that God predestinated only those he knew from eternity would become believers.

Part Two clarifies the Exodus account which has negatively impacted God’s character and showcases his spontaneous and patient outpouring of grace upon Pharaoh. From initially foretelling the end from the beginning, God graciously repairs Pharaoh’s heart ten times as he, in turn, frustrates the grace.

Predestination – The Pharaoh Account of Grace exposes the controversy stirred up concerning predestination since the fourth century as a work of the devil which must be destroyed. Undoubtedly, this definitive work on the subject will be of tremendous benefit to clergy, lay leaders, academia, and through them, the body of Christ.
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