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As the story of Pongoland and the other islands in the archipelago in the sky continues to unfold, the three boys, Sonny, Gogo, and Tobo, are seen to be maturing. Their understanding of the world in which they live, in fact of their two worlds, is developing. They become more aware of the economic and social dynamics existing between the islands. Their learning curve steepens as they do their best to put right wrongs and solve mysteries! The first two stories look at economic inequalities existing between some of the islands and ways of developing the resources of poorer islands. Friendships among members of different islands are formed, and a spirit of cooperation for the mutual benefit of all is envisioned. The next two stories surround the mystery of the disappearance of somebody’s nightwear and the events lying behind this strange occurrence! The fifth story is about the sort of disaster, which so often accompanies efforts to solve social dilemmas. A moment’s forgetfulness can result in unforeseen consequences. However, with the usual resourcefulness of the three boys and help from wise adults, all is resolved. Sonny and Gogo and Tobo through it all learn to develop their skills and aptitudes.
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