Beyond the Visible
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What is religion? Where does it come from? Which religion best fits our needs? Mankind has always been curious to discover what’s beyond the visible. From the moment that confusion surrounded the existence and the true identity of God, new sciences developed, and many philosophers fell into question. Many more questions have followed ever since.

In Beyond the Visible: Uniting Science and Religion, author Issa Gammoh ponders some of these age-old questions, considering whether there is a universally true answer. In the twenty-first century, with humanity’s advanced knowledge and ways of thinking, science is getting closer to resolving many of the questions that have been confounding humanity for centuries. The discovery of the Higgs field, the derivation of the famous equation E=mc2, a better psychological understanding of ourselves, and our developing knowledge about neurology—all of these and much more provide us with guidance. One way of thinking can link all of these concepts together to reach scientific answers about many unknowns that humanity has pursued for many generations.

Beyond the Visible
travels a path of discovery to find the link between many unknown phenomena and theories. This journey seeks to erase your confusion with what will be the scientific evidences of invisible randomness. Expand your consciousness and understanding about life and the world in which you are living.

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