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Dear Readers: Look at you! You’ve made it to Volume 3! Wow! You will like the friends you meet in this book. Sid, Ret with a funny pet, Dan who loves to run and many others.
1) “Sid and Kid” Sid is a good friend of Sam’s. Sid is a pretty reddish color, has big eyes and pretty green hair. Sid has a young sister – Kid. Kid has freckles around her nose. She wears her green hair in ringlets with a big bow in the back. Sid and Kid are playing with a barrel and it’s lid.

2) “Ret’s Pet Zet” We introduce Ret. His full name is Ret Betler. Ret has a cute pet- a Zet. Ret’s pet Zet is a tease. He loves to play jokes on Ret or anyone else. One of the Zet’s favorite jokes is to splash water on any person who happens to be nearby. The Zet is always getting Ret wet.

3) “Dan Ran”. Dan likes to exercise. He eats healthy food and makes sure that he gets a lot of wholesome workouts. He seems to be a big, strong, healthy chap. He can lift weights up to 1000 lbs. One of his favorite forms of exercise is running. Dan enjoys running. Dan will run with any person or any way.

4) “A Hen in the Den” This is Ben who lives on the Planet Wam with Sam and Matt and their friends. Ben has a hobby. He keeps hens. He keeps them in a pen. But sometimes he keeps them in his den. You will not believe what he found in his hen pen.

5) “Pat Lit It” Remember Pat – short for Patrika. Pat is green and loves to wear pink. Pat is showing Sam her cave; she has named her cave “it”. She takes chairs, and mitts into her cave – “it”. She even puts lights in her cave to make “it” more comfortable.
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