THEODOSIA BURR was borne on the full tide of history. Her short life has all the drama, all the necessary elements of a great historical novel.
Under Anya Seton's guidance, we see Aaron Burr, her father, sitting in his study before the great duel with Alexander Hamilton, and writing that famous letter which began, 'To my dearest Theodosia.' We see Theodosia herself, received like royalty on Blennerhassett Island, expecting to be crowned princess of the Kingdom of Mexico. We see Aaron awaiting trial in the jail at Richmond, repudiated by his son-in-law and by his friends, with Theodosia now playing an important part in his final exoneration. Aaron's star had set, but Theodosia still saw him as a man who could change the course of history.
She may have realized too late that she had hitched her wagon to the wrong star. She never admitted it. With Aaron, she attempted to change the stream of American history, but the stream was too powerful for them. She remains a haunting memory, still lovely, still imperious, never vanquished.
The author of this brilliant first novel is the daughter of Ernest Thompson Seton.
Published: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt on
ISBN: 9780547523941
List price: $14.95
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