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The Unseen Wonder

Length: 24 pages15 minutes


When an inventor’s daughter tries to manage her father’s affairs while he creates a new contraption, life turns upside down. Add to the mix a curious mother, a houseful of raucous sisters, and her father’s charming assistant and it may prove to be too much. Will the tinker’s new invention leave the family rich or destitute? And will this young woman see her father’s assistant in a new light?

The Unseen Wonder is 21 pages in length.

*This story is also found in Gaslight: A Golden Light Anthology from Chamberton Publishing

About The Chimera Series -

The Chimera Series offers short stories for busy people. Perfect for reading on a lunch break or daily commute, and priced at less than a cup of coffee, these stories are affordable and the perfect length for a busy life. Get quality fiction and enjoy a great read without a huge time commitment.

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