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Daddy's Girl: A Short Story

Length: 32 pages25 minutes


Ellie’s first date with Brett should have been a total disaster. After all, when Brett asks questions that are difficult to answer, Ellie wonders if the cute braniac is just plain rude, or sincerely interested in her. Over sushi rolls and plenty of awkward silence, Ellie opens up about everything, even the memories that won’t go away – memories of her parents' divorce. And the most pressing issue of all: she believes it was completely her fault. But Brett doesn’t shy away and Ellie realizes at least one thing – some cute braniacs are worth the tough questions, and might even give her the best gift of all…

From Sarah Meira Rosenberg, the author of She and I, comes this award-winning, beautifully written story of first dates, family life, friendships, grief, and growing up.

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