The Ann Curry Murders
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In Okinawa, Japan, two policemen are frustrated as the ritualistic murders of three Japanese prostitutes remain unsolved. With only one witness who thinks the killer may have been an American serviceman who has already returned home, the police are eventually forced to close the dormant files—all while hoping they have not unleashed a psychopath on American society. Unfortunately they have no idea that a time bomb is already ticking.

Years later, police detective Kelly Kraft is ready to get back to work after being sidelined because a boy died during one of his drug raids. While progressing through therapy with police psychiatrist Dr. Angela Moore, commissioned to help him root out his deep-seated anger, Kraft soon learns a brutal murder spree is underway. As Kraft, a super cop and remorseless killer in his own right, seeks to sort out the connection among the murders in Okinawa and the current series of murders, a surprise player is unveiled, forcing Kraft to rely on the reluctant Dr. Moore to help him unravel the case.

In this psychological thriller, a serial killer motivated by a chance viewing of a beautiful television newswoman unleashes his fury on innocent victims. Now only time will tell if a police detective and his psychiatrist can stop him before more die.

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