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This book was inspired by God and how He has led me through this journey, and everything in me wanted to share that journey with others. You see, everyone has their own perception of what beauty means to them. But for each individual, it can’t be about what beauty means to others; it has to start with what it means to you. There was a time in my life that I believed that my beauty, both inside and out, was determined by someone else’s perception. But I have learned through the years that you have to be yourself. To be the person that you know you are or capable of becoming; the person that has strength, endurance, patience, love to give, power to embrace life, and one whose beauty is like no other’s. When you allow someone else to determine your beauty, you waste the energy of the person you truly are, “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, but must be felt with the heart.” (Helen Keller)

The title Be-You-tiful the Way He Made You was not one that was chosen lightly; it does have a specific meaning behind it. It means Be You, just the way God made you, Beautiful. God never intended for us to feel worthless, ashamed, or lonely. The women depicted in the stories in this book come from all walks of life, who had high aspirations and goals for themselves and were self-assured, but at some point in their life lost their self-esteem (self-worth) caused by some of life’s drawbacks. But just as there are stumbling blocks in life, there are also benefits—especially when God becomes the center of it. You will see this become evident as you read each one of these ladies’ story.
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