A Journey in Faith Parenthood 101
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PRAYING BEFORE I go to sleep at night has been a habit since
childhood. The night I thought of writing this book I prayed,
“God help me have good dreams and good thoughts as I sleep tonight.” That is
a prayer I have prayed ever since I was a child growing up.
During the night I started thinking of ways we should raise our
children, and how they need to be prepared for life. I told myself, “I
should write a book about this: ways to raise a successful child.” I was afraid I
would forget this idea by morning, so I arose at 3:00 AM and went to the
kitchen to start writing down my ideas.
I began to consider just what would be my definition of a “successful”
child or adult. I realized that it depends on whose point of view we are
coming from. The world defines success quite differently from God. The
world would say it is to be rich and famous. However, since we are made
in the image of God, it seems only logical that we should be a reflection
of Him in our daily lives.
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