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Tidbits of Glory

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WISDOM….. here it is!

My name is Mike. A married father of three. A self-described spiritual man who has come to know no one religion can claim truth as it trophy.

One day a few years ago I prayed to God asking for the gift of WISDOM. I wanted to know answers to some life questions that up to that point in my life were only vague comprehensions. Questions such as;

.. Why am I here?

.. What is my purpose for being here?

.. Have I been here before?

.. Do I get to come back if I want to?

.. Am I doing the right thing?

.. Was I living a righteous life He would approve of?

.. Was I on course to earn my place in heaven?

.. Where is heaven anyway?

.. When my wife and I die will we still be husband and wife?

.. Was my religion the right one?

.. Was the God I prayed to the right one?

.. How accurate is the story of Jesus?

.. Was I offending Him by asking?

.. Why is peace on earth not here yet?

.. Was it ok to ask for assistance in acquiring abundant love, peace, joy, confidence, health and wealth?

.. Is it wrong to want?

There were a few more questions but this book is not about the questions. This book is about the WISDOM sent. I did not think acquired WISDOM would have challenged me so, but it did….rocking me to my core at times.

The WISDOM received comes with the request it be shared. I present to you the response to my prayer for WISDOM, Tidbits of Glory.

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