Dear Readers: Congratulations on getting to Volume 2 where you will read 5 more complete books. In them you will meet Sam and Cam’s friends Matt and Patrika who are such a nice color of green. Next you will meet Tad and his son Lad and more –so keep reading:
1) “Matt Has A Fat Bat” Meet Sam’s friend Matt. Matt lives on the planet Wam also. Every person on Wam likes to look at Matt. Matt is such a nice color of green. He likes to play ball and has a great big fat bat.

2) “Pat’s Yat” We would like to introduce another friend – Pat short for Patrika. Pat is the good friend of Matt. Pat is a pretty green color. She loves to dress in pink and wear big hats. Pat has a most interesting pet. She really enjoys showing her pet yat to her friends. Her yat is very friendly and loves to have his chin tickled.

3) “Bad Tad” The authors are very pleased to introduce you to Tad. Tad is fun to watch because Tad has a face that shows many moods. He can let us see bad, sad, mad, and glad that is why Tad is so “rad”.

4) “Lad and His Dad” Tad would like to have us meet his son Lad. Tad is very proud of his son Lad and wants us to know how glad he is to be a dad to Lad. Tad is very glad that his son is not bad, sad or mad. They are both

5) “Ed in the Bed” Meet Ted – short for Tedrika. She is a friend of Tad and Lad. Ted has the most pretty purple eye and lovely blue hair. Ted has a funny little pet zed by the name of Ed. Ed likes nothing better than climbing on the bed. Ed the Zed even eats in bed if Ted lets him.
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