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Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine returns with issue #11, presenting the best in modern and classic mystery fiction! Included this time are the usual columns by Lenny Picker and Mrs Hudson, plus the following stories: "The Adventures of Sherlock Hoosier," by Dan Andriacco; "To Walk a Crooked Mile," by Hal Charles; "Closing the Circle," by Sergio Gaut vel Hartman; "The Cantor and the Ghost," by G. Miki Hayden; "The Compound," by Marc Bilgrey; "The Adventure of the Missing Countess," by Jon Koons; "Home Tour," by D. Lee Lott; "The Peculiar Adventure of the Paradol Chamber," by Jack Grochot; "The Red-headed League," by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. "Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine" is produced under license from Conan Doyle Estate Ltd.
Published: Wildside Press on
ISBN: 9781479401772
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